Our School has initiated two projects, to make learning more holistic and joyful involving the local community.


One is the Community Library, where along with reading habits, we aim to hone interpersonal relationship skills, storytelling and encourage community participation and cultural activities.


Farming is another area, where transdisciplinary learning is being focused. Respecting Earth through our activities of Head, Heart, and Hand, to produce effective learning outcomes. We are learning how the means are more important than the end.

The process of planting seeds and nurturing plants, is a wholesome process of sharing, overcoming challenges, adaptability, self-reliance, and learning of nature’s rhythms.


Friends, we are grateful to share our progressive development with you. During times of pandemic, it reinforces the value of collective human potential, with collaboration, cooperation& perseverance.


Our School is participating in Education today Society tomorrow’s project for 50 schools of excellence. We endorse excellence in every endeavour as an effective means to an end.


As Gandhi Ji said, whatever you want to do, ” take care of the means and the ends will take care of themselves “.